Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sorry its been a while..

Wow...it has been a while since I have posted. Sad thing is that really nothing has changed too much. I started a new business venture which I am Super Excited about. I am now a Passion Parties Consultant. I cant wait to see all the cool things that this business has to offer. Seth and I are going to Las Vegas in March for the annual convention. Woo Hoo!! Never been to Vegas before so I am thrilled!!! Maybe I can double my money and then double it a couple more times. Who knows?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I've got an idea

So it appears that Britney Spears has lost custody of her kids to Kevin Federline....Ok I am going to say it again, Britney Spears lost Custody to Kevin Federline. Honestly people how big of a F**k up do you have to be for a judge to think that the most fit parent in the whole ordeal is K-Fed?? Hey Brit, you should write a book for all those mothers in the world just looking to get rid of their lil snot nosed brats....

Brits Guide to Un-Motherhood

1) Become close gal pals with Paris Hilton
2)Throw away all your underwear
3)Shave your head
4)Beat up random things with an umbrella
5)Take the kids for a spin in your lap with no license
6)Meet skanky guys and get snapped having relations with him in a hot tub
7)Perform multiple hit and runs

8)Let your dog sh*t on designer clothing
9)Wear fishnet hose on a day to day basis
10)At the biggest performance of your life, make the whole world think you drank a big bottle of "What the hell is going on?"
This could really take off. Just a thought.


It's 2:32 am and I cant sleep, and he is the only person that I can think about.