Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jason will you be my Valentine???

Ahhhhh love is in the air!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Presley, this is why you cant have nice things....

Went to Pet Smart with Kelsey and Jimmy and thought I would be a nice lil momma and pick up my sweet baby girl a little something. Found the cutest weiner dog plush toy with a squeeker and crinkle paper inside. Presleys faves. This is what it looked like before...

So I take it home and it is a hit. She immediately takes it and starts throwing it around, rolling on it, bringing it to me to play fetch, and squeeking away. I a proud that I have made a good choice. This is what puppy happiness looks like...

So I go on about my business, watch T.V., make dinner, surf the interweb, and then I realize I have a quiet puppy. As Seth always says a quiet puppy is a bad puppy. I look under my coffee table and see piles of white fluff everywhere. She has torn a hole in his lil plush butt and is ripping stuffing out like a mad person. Let me say this was only about 2 hours after bringing home the toy. Here is the aftermath....

Welcome Cole James

Cole James Krynski was born Jan 24th. 6 lbs 15 0z, 18.5 inches long!!! He is soooo cute. Kelsey and myself drove to Portsmouth to see him and poor lil boy was so tired. He slept during our visit today. I am so happy for Sarah and Dan. They are going to be such good parents . Here are some pics of the lil cutie...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So my super sweet and sexy hubster and I are going to take a week long retreat in the mountains to get some much needed Q.T. after 6 months of being apart. He will be home the last part of March. Then we will head off to Kentucky to visit the fam and friends for a few days and drop my sweet sweet lil baby girl Presley off with her grandparents. Then off to a relaxing, romantic, funfilled, "Wilderness Retreat!" Incredibly cathartic!! HAHA.Seth and I went away for a mini vacay to Gatlinburg back in 2004 right before he left for bootcamp and it was one of the most fun trips we have taken to date. So I have high hopes for our trip!
Here are some pics of where we will be staying.
Yes that is a 92" TV Screen. Seth and I are tech geeks and this was a def selling point. We will be taking our seasons of The Office and Lost to enjoy! My god a bag of Reeses Pieces and Michael Scott makes the anticipation that much more! HAHA

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is Good

I LOOOOVE Holly Madison! I think she is so beautiful and I just think she is an all around cool chick. Anyway when I came across this pic tonight it made me very happy! I dont know why but for some strange reason it just gave me hope. Not really in a physical aspect, just all around. Thank you Holly!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I got my first "KID GIFT"

So Seth and I have been together for 6 years, and aside from Presley have no real children! But when we do she will have the cutest backpack and sleeping bag. Thanks you Munch for the Super Sweet Gift!
It is complete with Backpack, Owl Sleeping Bag, Flashlight, and Sippy! YAAAY! So Kelli when lil baby _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ comes to spend the night with her grammy she will be prepared!

Monday, January 5, 2009

This Show Was So Good

Myself and the Dynamic Duo (Lisa and Brian) spent an evening with Colbie Calliat. I just love her. She has an amazing voice and she is just SUPER SWEET. It was a great night, and thank god I had Lisa (AKA MIGHTY MOUSE) there with me to take care of these stupid bee-yotchs that kept trying to slide in front of us!! She's small but she is fiesty! HAHA. Here are some pics. Enjoy.

Miss Piggy kept cutting in front of us

Typical Lisa and Brian

They were making fun of me because I send Seth 324,546,554,754 Emails! HAHA

I did the Phelps name Proud

If you know anything about "US PHELPS'" You know that we are uber competitive. We hate to lose! So little to my surprise I pulled off the Championship Win in my Fantasy football league! My first year playing and me and THE POISON CUPCAKES take home the big prize. I guess all these years of Seth drilling football knowledge into my head has paid off.
My Awesome M.I.L. made it all the way to he playoffs in our league, and suffered a devastating loss in the first round. I was hoping we would get to meet head to head.

In other Phelps fantasy football news, Seth and Tad fought to the death in their league championship. Tad pulled off the win on Monday night. All three Phelps men Jim, Tad, and Seth now hold a fantasy football championship. Next year is Kelli's year. The dynasty will then be complete! ha.