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Just a few of my fave horror movie monsters I thought I would share.....
5) Jason Voorhees

While Jason has NEVER scared me, personally, outside of maybe the boat sequence in first Friday the 13th, I have to put him here because he is an icon of the Slasher genre and is probably one of the most associated character with 1980s horror movies and horror movies in general.
Jason, as a child, had alledgedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake after the guidance counselors were too busy having sex and not watching the children. His mother killed anyone who came near the camp in his name. However, after she was murdered, Jason sought vengeance.
He may have became a parody of himself before it was all over with, but you still can't argue that he doesn't belong on this list. If nothing else, he changed hockey masks for everyone!

4)The Devils Reject (AKA Firefly Family)

These guys are some of my personal faves. I LOVE ROB ZOMBIE!!! The Devil's Rejects wasn't really scary. It was more of a portrait of a family of self-serving sociopaths. House of 1000 Corpses went for some cheap scares. In the end, there is just something disturbing about how this family of psychopaths interacts with both each other and the outside world. Rob Zombie took the concept of the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and somehow actually managed to turn that upside down!
The most popular of the bunch is easily Baby Firefly (played by Sheri Moon Zombie). She is psychotic, immature, narcisstic, and sexy all at the same time. She'd sleep with you and then slit your throat. However, even knowing that, men would still give her a chance! Otis is the epitome of trailer park trash. Captain Spaulding is the biggest self-serving worthless waste of human space out there, but you still have to try his fried chicken! Mama Firefly is the motherly type. She loves her family, but also loves killing everyone else while she is at it. Of course, you can't forget Grandpa Hugo, Tiny, or RJ.
Overall, it is the interaction and the personalities that makes the Firefly family just completely insane and deserving of a top spot here.

The Scream films were in my opinion awesome. I love the suspense, I love how the emphasis is on the thrill of the chase and not the gore. While Scream films or The Ghostface(s) may not be the most horrifying movies or villains, they have totally earned their spot here. Scream took what was usually considered a sleazy genre in the slasher film and turned it upside down. Previous, the big time films were made on really cheap budgets and focused mostly on gore and finding new ways to kill people. While those films still do get direct-to-video releases Instead, the more well known films take the route that Scream had. They actually have big name actors. There is much less emphasis on gore. It is also obvious that they were NOT made on a cheap budget.
The Ghostface villain in each movie calls their victims (usually from inside their home) and proceed to terrorize them. Sometimes with horror movie trivia and sometimes with some rather unsettling information. There was a lot of focus on irony and cliches, which the Ghostface was a cliche.
"Hello Sydney" became a catchphrase for quite some time. You can find a Ghostface mask every Halloween just about every where, even at your local dollar store. The Ghostface is easily one of the most instantly recognizable figures in horror movies and that is why he/she deserves a spot here.


In the late 80's this Good Guy made us all a little leary of those pint size plastic friends we used to carry around with us. The Childs Play series made 2 good movies and 1 desent movie before the series "jumped the shark" with the horror comedies like Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky.
In the original film Charles Lee Ray, the notorious "Lakeshore Strangler" was being chased down a street by a cop, Mike Norris, who proceeded to fire on Ray, fatally injuring him. Bleeding heavily, Ray stumbled into a toy store and collapsed into a pile of Good Guy dolls. Knowing he would probably die, Ray used voodooo to transfer his soul into one of the dolls. The store was then struck by lightning, and it burned to the ground.
He attempts to use Andy Barclay to transfer his soul into since Andy was the first person to whom Chucky revealed his secret, and thus the only person Chucky could transfer his soul to, in accordance with the voodoo spell.
Chucky definatley earned his spot in my top horror movie monsters. You can't tell me that lil doll didn't scare the shit out of you!

1) Freddy Kruger

While Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street series belongs to the Slasher genre, which is considered a sleazy genre as opposed to the class of films that Silence of the Lambs and Psycho were in, nobody can deny that Freddy Krueger is the ultimate horror movie villain.
His glove with knives is horrifying. His burnt face is horrifying. His intentions are horrifying. Not to mention that he can haunt you when you are most defenseless, in your sleep, is horrifying! While he may be scary, he is also very appealing to audiences because of his charisma and rather demented sense of humor.
Robert Englund, who plays Freddy in every movie, is an excellent actor. He was a classically trained actor as opposed to a stunt man which is used in most slasher films. Not to mention that he is a nice guy from what most people can tell from his public appearances and behind the scenes stories.
Congratulations to Freddy Krueger for being #1. Yeah, I talk like he is an actual person and this list actually means something, but hey.

Gage Creed, Zelda, & Pascow

These three are a package deal from the movie Pet Semetary. One of my childhood favorites. Even Though Pascow is a good guy he will down right scare the shit out of you!
And Zelda......OHHHHHH ZELDA!!!!! I had nightmares about her for years. Still sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night ina cold sweat thinking about her....."RAAAAAAACHAELLLLL, RAAAAAAAACHAEL" Aghhhhhh. I scared myself just typing that!!!
Of course the star of the show Gage Creed. Noone wanted to hang there feet over the side of the bed after the Judd Crandell scene!!
If you haven't seen this movie then tonight is the perfect night!!

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